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10 October 2005

Normal hours for Sunday shopping or 24/7 what ever the day?

The Times Article

Sunday trading drive faces outcry
By Sarah Butler

An interesting set of arguements, which don't always see every angle, a large percentage of the British public work on and have worked on Sunday's for a long time, Hospital's, Factories, Transportation, Airlines have some of their busiest times during the holiday periods, dot.com company's have people making sure their servers don't fall over, self employed have worked for years at weekends, sports professionals also compete mainly at weekends...

Is this an issue for working at weekends or is it to support independent retailer's who struggle against the big guy's, in my experience, convenience stores are exactly that and will stay that way, independents and non-food retailers don't always open on a Sunday because they can't afford the staff to open everyday.

My view is open up the economy and let the consumers choose, for a long time now it has been known that Sunday has become the new Saturday for shoppers.


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