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05 July 2005

Business power struggle over a short term fix or long term issue……

An interesting approach to resolving a solution between 2 large British companies is this a power struggle, as the paper suggest or is there more to it than that?


The interesting thing is neither party has anything to gain from such a feud, given one appears to be reclaiming lost sales and the other fighting to retain what it has already been paid.

Issues of this kind generally arise when company’s are struggling to hit their numbers or increase their profits, it would be better if the staff were trained to deal with the supply issue as and when they happened, I am not saying they haven’t been here by the way, that way it would not escalate to such a size that it will be painful for both parties what ever happens.

This issue is dated and needs moving forward from, agreeing future delivery KPI’s and financial penalties would be a more amicable measure of resolution for both parties, creating a feeling of working together and moving forward, rather than looking back at issues that tarnish the relationship.


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