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27 July 2005

Space Race: Worries follow smooth liftoff

It is interesting how comparisons between businesses and any other events and experiments can be made time and time again…

When an operations manager decides to buy a new piece of equipment his dilemma is second hand or new, new will cost more initially but usually will return better efficiencies and save short and medium term down time and repairs versus that of a second hand machine… The only real risk of using second hand kit is loss of profits and earnings.

However using a space ship that was built in the 1970’s and is still being used these days to me is madness, they don’t even let the Concorde fly anymore, so why do they still expect aging technology and mechanics to be used for such an important and risky venture as travelling in space, or in reality entering and leaving space is the true risk areas…

If space exploration and experimentation is so important to the development of the human race, which I believe it is and can be, then why not collectively invest in new equipment.


Lets hope the guys get back safe and sound...

Think about your investments they could be business saving…


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