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10 September 2006

Communication... the key to success or failure for every leader

No news/comment can be as destructive as telling the truth, and worst of all is, making a comment that leaves everyone wondering what is going on...

So what is the right thing to do, I am not an expert in this, however, I have experience some pretty bad communication and communicators and for me the truth or at least a comment that lets you know to wait for some more details later does work best, the only problem with saying more details will follow, to make it work and to keep everything positive with this option is if you give a deadline for more details you have to deliver on time, otherwise every good thing you have done to keep the positive mood will be undone...

Also remember what is communicated may not always be received in the positive way in which it is communicated, everyone hears and reads things differently so check with others on big announcements, share your communication with someone not involved as they are likely to be more neutral and give a more balanced view of what will be received by the those listening or reading.

Remember Gerald Ratner, he told a peer group of directors his stores sold crap the media got hold of it and his multi million pound empire was destroyed over night...

Keep it real and keep it true, but not like Gerald, who mocked what he did, the words could have been different and he could have said the same thing and not lost his empire, the good thing about this is he, like a Phoenix he learnt and is now back making money again in the same business he was in before, this time on-line.

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