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10 August 2005

Greed is on the rampage again, why…

…do large corporate leaders having earned millions through their career’s still think they need / deserve even more money at the end of their time with a company.

Checkout this article: Big Pay Packages May Fade After Ruling on Ex-President of Disney

Published: August 10, 2005

It’s different if a company, owned by an individual or group of individuals, built over many years sell’s up and makes a huge profit from the sale because they have taken the risks and made it work, along with their staff, who should by the way be rewarded in some way for their support and contribution.

In corporate life, Executives usually have less personal equity in the business, if any, than the share holders, it is the share holders taking the risks, not the salaried directors, they may loose some of their share option value if things go wrong but not their savings…

When will the institutions get it right, Mickey Mouse is for kids of all ages, imagine if kids who couldn’t afford to go to Disney’s parks or watch Disney’s films got some financial support in other ways, rather than it’s very rich and greedy executives, then Disney really would be for kids of all ages… Long live Walt Disney…


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