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14 October 2006

Leaders who bully

What is it that leads leaders of businesses and organisation to use strong arm bully tactics to lead and manage their businesses… does it work? of course it does, is it effect? to a point, do organisations like this survive? of course they do, so is that the reason bossy bosses continue to be like they are… probably.

Are the business the best they can be? sometimes but not usually, do they have a high staff retention? not normally, do their customers like dealing with them? not necessarily, however, if you are making good money and life from the bosses point of view is OK then that’s when it does work.

There is a view that you have to be very tuff to make it big in business, however, that is not necessarily true, it can also be the reason business don’t make it really big… look at the businesses that make a lot of money, Microsoft, Google, Virgin, Starbucks and many more… do they treat their people well, for the most part, you can never really tell until you have worked for one of them.

So what is it that needs to change, so that the people benefit and the culture works for everyone… in my humble opinion you need to remove the fear from the owner/leader because they have in their mind and for the most part have put everything on the line and have everything to loose.

Develop the business as if it were an interest, enjoy the good times and praise at every opportunity, reward your people, accommodate their views, visions and ideas… allow them to feel wanted and valued… what will this do, improve their performance and that of the company, which in turn will remove the fear element.

Good recruitment and a happy crew will make you business thrive and survive longer than your competition who still beat up on their employees.

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