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16 September 2005

Interesting view, why does it shock people though?

Saturday, September 3, 2005 - Page updated at 12:20 AM
Microsoft plans to outsource more, says ex-worker
By Brier Dudley Seattle Times technology reporter
Received by me today (not really breaking news as the e mail said however)

Seattle Times Article

The interesting thing for me is the fact that every company is considering it and in reality has to consider it to survive, the key reason for any country have the edge is there salary levels are lower than the stronger nations, such as the US and UK, until the balance is re-dressed it iwll always be the favoured option...

Recession what recession…

No news from the government, no talk of recession from the opposition so what is it, bad luck, mismanagement, or plain old consumer land doesn’t need anything else…

We have all got exactly what we want and don’t need anymore…

TimesOnline Article
High street gloom increases as sales slump at supermarkets
By Gary Duncan and Sarah Butler
September 16, 2005

Rather than scare the horses and talk about the current economic environment in a negative way, why not act and change a few things to make the economy more stable, come Gordon Brown, otherwise you won’t have anything to inherit when Tony Blair retires…

15 September 2005

Is this the right way to do business?

Perhaps the UK should adopt a scheme similar to this, to save companies from completely collapsing, one for a long debate over beers... I guess.

September 15, 2005
Delta and Northwest file for Chapter 11 protection
By James Doran, Wall Street Correspondent

TimesOnline Article:

Stronger line on Public Sector Buying

How to win public sector contracts
Small companies receive more business from government contracts than had previously been thought but that may be under threat in the future
Posted: 2005-09-17
Source: NewBusiness.co.uk

One to watchout for, given there are still a large number of businesses who only have brochure websites, me included...

Business Link, a great source of information...

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Business Link Article; Winning business with large organisations

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14 September 2005

One very bright businessman...

Sir Richard Branson, he doesn't miss a trick now there is a man who works on his business and not in it.

Branson to put $100m into refinery
By James Doran, Wall Street Correspondent

TimesOnline Article

Richard is good a creating ideas and passing them to those who develop and implement them, easy to do when you are multi millionaire, however he has done it time and time again and if you want your business to grow you have to find the right team you can trust to deliver the results you are looking for.

And funny enough, still no blockades...

TimesOnline Article

Garages run dry as panic buying fuels price rise
By Ben Webster, Will Pavia and Gary Duncan

We must have nothng better to worry about than topping up our cars with fuel, just in case...

Madness at its best...

Do Governments Listen?

TimesOnline Article

IoD calls for rapid cut in fuel duty
By Graham Searjeant, Financial Editor

They have to listen but do they act or even hear, very often they have different agenda's, they need the tax income to support their plans so will they act I doubt it...

Lobbying is important and well done to the IoD, they have made the call...

What is it about the British Public

TimesOnline Article
September 13, 2005
Petrol panic begins to spread as oil prices rise
By Ben Webster, Philip Webster and Gary Duncan

Why do we always panic and make a problem worse, it's like when we hear something will sellout, we all go and get some more, why?

I witnessed people in at a forecourt yesterday putting between 5 and 10 litres in their cars to keep them topped up, what's all that about, they probably used up 2 litres waiting in the long line of cars to get to the pumps... Please Britain get a grip and remain calm.

Good move by Daimler

Vehicle of the Week
Daimler: Smart Or Dumb?
Dan Lienert

Forbes Article

These cars have made it big, because they are small, the nation that takes the car round the block can do it with fun and be noticed, great for the City youth who want to get about and be seen...

A winner all the way in my book...

13 September 2005

Skype Sellout, Success after only 3 years...

Beneath Skype's warmth is a cold logic

TimesOnline Article

Now this is the way to make a quick buck and still benefit those who use you products and services, well done to the team involved, now that's the way to do business...

03 September 2005

So what’s wrong with leading the world?

Google: The next Microsoft? Noooo!
By Matthew Staver, Bloomberg News


Why does everybody get bent out of shape with Microsoft and Google, if it weren’t for these 2 companies a lot of businesses would not be doing so well, let’s hope they keep developing their businesses…

Pension plans in trouble, or bad people management?

Robinson in rethink on plan for Rentokil approach
By Angela Jameson, Industrial Correspondent
August 31, 2005