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30 June 2005

Would you like the experience?

Alan Sugar is on the hunt again for cheap staff, why cheap, he earns from the show, the book and the additional public events which will generate income.


Would you like the publicity, the recognition and of course the money, for myself I would prefer to make it with out the recognition.

Still the first series was good entertainment, lets hope the second is good value as well.

Customer Service is key to business success.....

Having just received the worst customer service possible from the Nat West bank I have finally decided to transfer my business accounts to another bank, I find this incredible in this ever competitive environment we live in. Not only has the service been rubbish I get charged for the privilege.

Thanks to the Federation of Small Businesses, who offer free banking to their members, I will be able to make transactions when ever and how ever I like and not get charged for it.