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30 August 2005

Is the Labour hype keeping down the talks of a recession or is it just a blip?

Retail slump to deepen after dismal summer
By Angela Jameson
August 30, 2005

When less media savvy governments were in power we use to have recession’s now we seem to just have blips, long blips but still the same blips…

Checkout this article.

Are we heading for or in a recession, your views would be appreciated.

26 August 2005

It's a dirty job but would Sir Gerry do it?

Check the article here


Will Sir Gerry get down and dirty, not many managers/directors have the inclination to deal with the real problem child businesses, as it not only is hard work but also very career limiting if it goes wrong. However, there are lots of company’s like Kazco who make their living working on turnarounds, we see it as business developing rather than career limiting…

I hope you all had a great summer...

Now here is the count down to Christmas...

12 August 2005

BA staff goes on strike again… sack the lot…

Slightly light hearted view...

Well I was going on holiday today in fact I should have been at T4, London Heathrow waiting to depart these shores on a BA flight, so I guess you can work out what has happened…

What the hell are the BA striker’s thinking of, they have just been rewarded with their first bonus for many years, because the company has started to improve it’s performance, then these idiots go on strike, sack the lot, that’s what I say, give the jobs to people who would appreciate them, although the perks of working for an airline have diminished over the years they are still better than most jobs.

They are all barking mad, all because another company took an action to keep it’s self alive and commercially viable.

This is not only the ravings of a p****ed off passenger not going on holiday, but this is my belief, long live unions for the real reason they were set up, to protect the workers right’s against being worked like a dog without reward, so when was the last time a worker in a large UK corporation really got abused… the TGWU leaders need to get a grip, sort out the membership before they are shut down… Old hat guys, move on and add value…

Times news article

11 August 2005

Blog break...

I will be taking a blogging break for the next couple of weeks, I wish you all a good remaining summer and look forward to seeing you all again in September...

For your interest I have included my Ecademy Testimonials for an easy read

Fuel to hit £1 a litre

Consumers to be hit hard as £1-a-litre fuel is here to stay
By Ben Hoyle

Voracious Asian and American consumers and instability in the Middle East are hitting motorists hard

I think there are plenty of people concerned over the cost of motoring, however, not sure everybody (consumers) has considered the on cost to businesses and therefore eventually consumers, in plastics manufacturing and transportation to mention but a few.

Needs sorting if the UK wants to remain competitive.

This equates to over $10 a Gallon, compared the US pump price of the mid $2’s

10 August 2005

Greed is on the rampage again, why…

…do large corporate leaders having earned millions through their career’s still think they need / deserve even more money at the end of their time with a company.

Checkout this article: Big Pay Packages May Fade After Ruling on Ex-President of Disney

Published: August 10, 2005

It’s different if a company, owned by an individual or group of individuals, built over many years sell’s up and makes a huge profit from the sale because they have taken the risks and made it work, along with their staff, who should by the way be rewarded in some way for their support and contribution.

In corporate life, Executives usually have less personal equity in the business, if any, than the share holders, it is the share holders taking the risks, not the salaried directors, they may loose some of their share option value if things go wrong but not their savings…

When will the institutions get it right, Mickey Mouse is for kids of all ages, imagine if kids who couldn’t afford to go to Disney’s parks or watch Disney’s films got some financial support in other ways, rather than it’s very rich and greedy executives, then Disney really would be for kids of all ages… Long live Walt Disney…

05 August 2005

Long term planning create's a stable business

Interest rate cut by a quarter point to stimulate spending
By Gary Duncan, Economics Editor

The economy has been pretty stable for a while now; this in my opinion is down to the long term view taken by the Bank of England, unlike the previous government controlled system that was influenced by the election periods etc.

Make sure your business has a long term vision and goal and ensure you stick with it... erratic business comes from short term-ism...

04 August 2005

No that’s what I call a deal…

Reebok, Adidas to lace up $3.8B deal
From staff and wire reports

Read the article here

Taking on Nike will be easier from this position, it will be interesting to track, please keep me posted if you hear anything worth adding to the story…

03 August 2005

Incentivise your staff to get the best from them…

More companies let pay freezes thaw
By Stephanie Armour, USA TODAY

Read the article

An interesting article, however, if companies put the focus on reward and support on an ongoing basis, there probably wouldn't be the roller coaster effect related to pay rises, people like to be rewarded and recognised for their efforts and not always in monetary terms…

think laterally and investigate how you could reward your team without upsetting them in the lean years….