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21 October 2005

Post WW2 Trial's revisited...

Are they really surprised by Saddam's approach to the Judges?

Article here

At last some sense coming back to the world...

Schools 'should be allowed to punish disruptive pupils'
By Tony Halpin
Education Editor

Article here

It is about time our hard working teachers had an option other than "we can't do anything with them", our society is running wild and children are getting less respectful by the day, we all need discipline and regulation, so why stop the teachers beng able to teach, they need to have the option.

Lets hope it happens.

20 October 2005

German's beat Brit's with online shopping!

Interesting article for those thinking of moving there business online.

13 October 2005

AOL stake up for grabs...

Who will really benefit, given AOL has gone up for sale before and not really changed will this internet/IT partnership, who ever gets a stake make any real difference?

Now an interesting approach for AOL would be to let all parties buy a stake and leave them as equal's, not realistic but definitely more fun.

The main issue who will help AOL develop the most... and who will offer true development support, online AOL anywhere in the world, on the beach, in a plane, easy reliable broadband connectivity that has to be the aim... who can cut it?

By Tom Lowry
AOL's Growing List of Suitors
Comcast and Google have joined up to weigh a bid for a stake in AOL. Will Microsoft be left in the cold?
Business Weeks Article

Big Hitters Said to Want Piece of AOL
Published: October 13, 2005
The New York Times Article

The King Mouse is dead long live the King Mouse

How fast is corporate change these day's they don't even wait until Monday morning.

It will be interesting to see how one of the Worlds most recognised brands develops under the new tenure and what direction the Mouse will take for this century...

Faces In The News
Eisner's Disney Now Officially All Iger's
Parmy Olson
10.07.05, 9:59 AM ET

The Forbes Article

12 October 2005

When is the BBC going to become more commercial in there approach?

Yet another plan to take money from us for something we don't use that much...

BBC criticised for applying to raise TV licence fee to £180
By Dan Sabbagh, Adam Sherwin and Philip Webster

Article here

I am not sure why this continues other than because there is no other way than using adverts to generate this sort of income, we as a nation now have a larger viewing choice than ever, why when we pay for our viewing through companies such as Sky etc, should we still have to have license, come on world catch up...

Proof there are no guarentees in business...

The Times
October 12, 2005
BA severs 23-year link with Saatchis
By Nic Hopkins

Article Here

When you have worked hard and have been successful there is always this possibility, what is important is to make sure you have planned for these event's to ensure the survival of the business as a whole.

That is also why you should never stop developing new business with existing and new customers.

It's a jungle out there.

10 October 2005

Normal hours for Sunday shopping or 24/7 what ever the day?

The Times Article

Sunday trading drive faces outcry
By Sarah Butler

An interesting set of arguements, which don't always see every angle, a large percentage of the British public work on and have worked on Sunday's for a long time, Hospital's, Factories, Transportation, Airlines have some of their busiest times during the holiday periods, dot.com company's have people making sure their servers don't fall over, self employed have worked for years at weekends, sports professionals also compete mainly at weekends...

Is this an issue for working at weekends or is it to support independent retailer's who struggle against the big guy's, in my experience, convenience stores are exactly that and will stay that way, independents and non-food retailers don't always open on a Sunday because they can't afford the staff to open everyday.

My view is open up the economy and let the consumers choose, for a long time now it has been known that Sunday has become the new Saturday for shoppers.

04 October 2005

Business Stability Forecast is Good News for UK

FTSE 100 breaks through watershed as gloom eases
By Gary Duncan, Economics Editor

The Times Article

It makes a pleasant change and a timely one to predicting a more positive view to the economy, the summer is nearly over and it's back to making our business work even better.

Here's to a productive Autumn and a successful Winter.