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29 July 2005

As one competitor ends it offensive another begins….

IRA claims the war is finally over
By Philip Webster, David Sharrock and Tim Reid

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In business, war and terror are the competition some of them internal some of them external, which ever way they will always be there, they may change but they don’t go away…. if they go away there is no market left...

This is good news for Britain and Ireland, long may it last, but as with everything on to the next competitor/aggressor, who will use similar tactics, as in business there are not many ways to compete just different approaches and tactics, set your strategy and implement the tactics and success will out…..

Investment over determination….

Houston: yes, we have a problem
By Jacqui Goddard

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Unfortunately here we go again, why do organisations not take that steps that make them succeed….

Why do they not invest correctly to achieve, without threat…..

Good luck to the very fine crew who are out there risking their lives, may their God's be with them and return them safe and sound to planet Earth…

27 July 2005

Space Race: Worries follow smooth liftoff

It is interesting how comparisons between businesses and any other events and experiments can be made time and time again…

When an operations manager decides to buy a new piece of equipment his dilemma is second hand or new, new will cost more initially but usually will return better efficiencies and save short and medium term down time and repairs versus that of a second hand machine… The only real risk of using second hand kit is loss of profits and earnings.

However using a space ship that was built in the 1970’s and is still being used these days to me is madness, they don’t even let the Concorde fly anymore, so why do they still expect aging technology and mechanics to be used for such an important and risky venture as travelling in space, or in reality entering and leaving space is the true risk areas…

If space exploration and experimentation is so important to the development of the human race, which I believe it is and can be, then why not collectively invest in new equipment.


Lets hope the guys get back safe and sound...

Think about your investments they could be business saving…

22 July 2005

Interesting article......

Troubleshooter or business developer, one and the same or not.....

Times Online Article

Trapped in an image created by himself or a misunderstanding of what troubleshooters do...

Your thoughts would be very interesting, given I have the same image to some....

FSB value for money.....

In my experience the FSB, Federation of Small Businesses has been a worthwhile membership, they can offer services which are far cheaper because of their buying power and group mass....

Free Banking

They have clubed together with the Co-operative Bank to offer the above, follow the above link for more details.

Worth consideration....

What a fantastic success story.....

Harry Potter, no one could have predicted the success that this has become, imagine how successful your business could be, all the added sales generated by related subjects and products.....

Worth a thought....

Harry Potter

Enjoy the book, I am.....

19 July 2005

Maintaining a competitive edge……

June Report Led Britain to Lower Its Terror Alert
Published: July 19, 2005

Link to article:

Why is it that the press still keep attacking the security services, there are always changes in situations and conditions in both national security and business development, things change by the minute, competitors change by the minute so what’s new, what’s all the fuss about, we have had “all clear soundings from pre-Spanish Armada days”, even Hitler convinced the UK government he would not attack anybody else in Europe.

As with businesses, competitors say they won’t enter markets or develop relationships and if you believe that you are sunk, how many of you have had a gentleman’s agreement with someone and felt let down later in, please don’t respond the internet will get jammed up…….

Remember always expect the unexpected; that goes for governments and businesses…..

A career in pictures, Jack Nicklaus


A real elderly statesman passes on…..

Sir Edward Heath dies at age 89
By David Charter, Chief Political Correspondent


We say farewell to a real gentleman and a great political leader and statesman, he was one of a kind, developing greater respect and recognition post his premiership than during, a lesson for us all if you think you have got to the top there is always further to go and more to achieve…. Business is no different!

Merge or acquire your way out of trouble…… Neither!

Too many businesses see the above as options to strengthen their business and we have seen too many times this is not the case, unless you are buying true valued IP then forget it, the reality is if you have a business that needs strengthening and you look to merge or buy your way out of trouble then you will just end up with a bigger business to strengthen and not necessarily a better one.

Sort your own business out first, then think about it, the better way forward would be to grow your own business so the competition suffer at your success, once they are in a position of weakness, then you have the upper hand, but unless there are true clearly defined synergies from merging the two companies then forget it, keep being successful in your own right.

Is this a real fear or are we just paranoid?

Google's growth prompts privacy concerns
By Anick Jesdanun, The Associated Press

Posted 7/18/2005 2:15 AM Updated 7/18/2005 2:41 AM


The government knows all about us due to tax return’s, passports, driving licenses, health information, so what is so scary about the rest of the world knowing, surely only those who have something to hide need look over their shoulders!

Get a grip world or stop doing stuff which isn’t right…..

15 July 2005

Tory's off line again....

Not that Mr Heseltine can't afford it, but a sign that things are not quite where the Tory's nor their followers need them to be....


It is a sign of good solid beliefs and structure when support is forthcoming, as with business your employee's will back you and support you if they know and understand where you are going and what your aims are.

Keep people on side and you will develop quicker and more successfully.

The French never give up......

M Chirac, is at it again, he continually fits battles that are not there to be fought, image if a business concentrated on the mud slinging and not on their own development what a mess they would be in.

Keep focussed identify you competitors strengths and understand their weakness's but remain focussed on your own objectives, first and foremost.


If nothing else it shows M Chirac is playing the same old tune.....

06 July 2005

You can understand why winners are winners.....

NY Times versus USA Today the latter being the fastest growing newspaper in the US, their e mail communication speaks volume in terms of their speed to react and distribute current and up to-date news.

Today's Headlines: Cities Make Their Final Pitches as Olympic Committee Nears Vote
11.55 AM

No more communication so far today.....

USATODAY.COM Daily Briefing - July 6, 2005
Cities await 2012 Olympic bid pick NYC hangs in running
11.49 AM

Breaking News: London gets 2012 Olympic Games
12.58 AM

This is how businesses get ahead and stay ahead, you need to be aware of the competition and stay one step ahead to keep in the game and lead the way...

05 July 2005

Business power struggle over a short term fix or long term issue……

An interesting approach to resolving a solution between 2 large British companies is this a power struggle, as the paper suggest or is there more to it than that?


The interesting thing is neither party has anything to gain from such a feud, given one appears to be reclaiming lost sales and the other fighting to retain what it has already been paid.

Issues of this kind generally arise when company’s are struggling to hit their numbers or increase their profits, it would be better if the staff were trained to deal with the supply issue as and when they happened, I am not saying they haven’t been here by the way, that way it would not escalate to such a size that it will be painful for both parties what ever happens.

This issue is dated and needs moving forward from, agreeing future delivery KPI’s and financial penalties would be a more amicable measure of resolution for both parties, creating a feeling of working together and moving forward, rather than looking back at issues that tarnish the relationship.

01 July 2005

Real support or diversion tactics.....

Gordon Brown wishes to end poverty through diverting the air travel tax to aiding Africa, see the link below:


Is this really going to work or is the Labour administration structure going to eat up the true value and benefit of the money raised from the tax. The reality is probably closer to less than 50% will reach the poor in the world.

Why can't the government stop and think, how this could be done more cost effectively....

What makes a good CEO……

People skills, technical ability, leadership and vision, a good network or just plan excellent business sense or is it a combination of all these points.


The new CEO at Boeing has been around the block in terms of Blue Chip company names and positions, is that what made him attractive or is it his networking skill’s and his ability to say the right thing at the right time to deliver the right role.

James McNerney has delivered for what must be for some CEO’s one of the best roles in the world, so what drives the man to keep pushing ahead, is it his leadership skill’s, his ability too gain that extra mile from his team and their teams or is it just money.

I wish him good luck with his new role it will be interesting to follow his performance and see how Boeing copes with Airbus in the next 5 – 10 years.

Will James be one of the few CEO’s to adopt at an early stage the new media to gain support from the internet viewers and possibly his staff, will he adopt a 21’st century approach to communication or stick to what already works in the world, of as Hugh Hewitt states MSM (Main Stream Media) http://www.hughhewitt.com

Developing business is not only a skill but an ability, that not everyone has.....

Bank of America or Bank of the World......

Yet again the Bank of America is on the growth path, are they growing to fast or just taking opportunities as they arise.


Growing at this pace takes a lot of planning and managing to ensure integration is smooth and successful, to ensure you deliver the goals you have set and deliver value to the share and stakes holder's.

This is the responsibility of the board to ensure that all concerned are communicated with and support through the transition.