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29 November 2005

Bono's Comments...

If we all thought like Bono (see the article below) and actually dipped into our pockets for just $30 or £20, plus the cost of managing it, the world would have a lot less issues.


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The cost of preventing death...

I recently read this article in some newspaper, quoting Bono, it read...

Did you know, 8 million people die every year for the price of going out with your friends to the movies and buying an ice cream. For $30 per head you could save 8 million lives, Preventable disease - not calamity, not famine, nothing like that. Preventable disease - just for the lack of medicines. That's cheap; that's a bargain.
Bono, singer and activist.

The bit that shocked me was the actual price per head, this is less than £20 per person in the UK, not even a nightout... my dilema is how do we get everybody to part with this amount and which organisation will use it most effectively.


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Google Blog Search...

... great for understanding what hot topics are being debated in the blog world.


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Apologies for the F1 error (Formula 1)

Tiff Chittenden, should be the spelling. Good job she drives better than I spell..

The biggest Formula 1 opportunity in the world...

Tiff Chittenden, not only is Tiff the best, future Formula 1 driver in the world will ever see, she also has one of the best and most creative managers in the motor industry today, Jonny Restrick they are formidable team and are definatley one to watch for the future, Tiff has the potential to be the future number 1 British Racing Driver on the Formula 1 circuit.

Britain's newest Vodka Brand

Dovgan has recently been launched into the market place, by entreprenuer Matthew Barnett, through his company Blue Planet Spirits.

Matthew has been tenacious and clear in his strategy to deliver a very fine product into the market place, he understands the importance of up front investment and is clear in focussing on the sales development to generate the necessary cashflow to ensure the business can develop and be sustained through to the second, third and subsequent stages of development.

Many a company could learn from Matthew's clear and focussed approach.

Corporate Governance or policy for policy sakes?

Britain's biggest bank goes Green
By Caroline Merrell, Banking Correspondent

Times Online Article

So is this right or wrong, I think right, if the guy has done a good job and to maintain continuity in vision, direction and management style, why not, sometimes we get caught up in the controlling guidelines, not all businesses need the strict controls imposed on them some of them are clean enough and honest enough to be run effectively and properly by the team appointed by the board and its major share holders.

Good luck to the man and his organisation.

Aced out of the game...

David Lloyd serves up second fortune with £200m sale plan
By Dominic Walsh

Times Online Article

This is the way to do business, build and sell and return real value £M's. My question is this; why did Whitbread not agree a non-compete clause when they bought David's first leisure business.

Well done David Lloyd...

Big gaps in posting...

What drives the lack of activity in posting on ones blog, with me it's time and nothing else.

What would stop you posting regularly?

Vodafone deliver what they say they will.

Having called the customer service number a couple of times in the last few weeks, without knowledge of their recent advertising campaign, until I spoke with my later about my very pleasant experience, I was very very impressed at the ease of contacting someone, not a computer, one option moves you on to the human race and it also moves you to a friendly helpful and customer focussed individual, who not only helped me with my enquiry also identified how I could reduce my bill. Fantastic, now why can't all company's think this way.

03 November 2005

Does this really make sense?

Corporate governance overhaul Alan Johnson, trade secretary, was expected to publish a Bill today designed to overhaul corporate governance. Critics have said that the proposals could increase litigation against directors by shareholders - driving up liability insurance rates. Ministers have said that they would cut red tape and save businesses around £250m a year. Under the Bill, companies would no longer have to appoint a company secretary or hold AGMs and auditors' liability, in the case of client negligence, could be limited. The CBI said that the deregulatory aspects of the legislation would benefit SMEs in particular.

Times Online News Article

I agree in reducing red tape for SME's however, if corporation start adopting these rules is this a chance for another Enron?